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DO NOT SEND ADA FROM an Exchange wallet!


Every purchase comes with the first NFT Game Cartridge and a collectable. No actions are required from the buyers side*.

Send a minimum of 50 ADA to the wallet address shown below or with an increment of 50 ADA with a maximum of 250 ADA.


* The airdrop machine will check for purchases every 15min, give it some time to arrive. 

The world first playable emulator NFT.

Run games directly on your NFT or metaverse home!

Hand made in 6 different colors,

and 3 unique handhelds.

each color has its own animation. ​

Mint/sale date: Mint is currently live


Total Mint: 1989 

Price: 50 ₳

ADACADE Policy ID: 0adacade094387282cf9f589902dd5d0a6ac484f2db14a38761647fa

qrcode (1).png
1 NFT - 50 ADA
3 NFTs - 150 ADA
5 NFT - 250 ADA



NFT FeaTures:

unknown (3).png


Vanity policy ID

every nft that cardanocade released is recognizable by our vanity policy ID

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